We have more than 80 years experience in the field of complex and high value generic pharmaceutical products.


The safety and effectiveness of our pharmaceutical products are our symbol of quality.


Our production plant and quality control and development laboratories have the most advanced technologies.

Richmond invests in Colombia

Laboratorios Richmond signed an investment agreement with Colombian Laboratorios Expofarma, with the objective of increasing and developing present operations both in Colombia and other markets where both companies currently commercialize their line of products.

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The value of adherence

Compliance or adherence in medical treatments is extremely important, especially in cardiovascular diseases where it reduces rates of hospitalization and mortality remarkably. Among strategies to improve adherence, it is possible to find medication that reduces daily  intake, presenting several drugs in only one pill (polypill).

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As a culmination of our 80th anniversary, we present our first Sustainability Report

RSE Pequeña

In it we provide insight into the components of our integral management which are involved in a secure, continuous and sustainable development of our company

New anti microbial developed by Conicet researchers together with Laboratorios Richmond is patented in the US


The new anti microbial for tuberculosis’ treatment, developed by Conicet specialists together with Laboratorios Richmond, has been patented by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The Health Ministry acquires the first 89.600 units of Probirase


More than 60% of the 140.000 Sofosbuvir units the health ministry bought, correspond to Richmond’s product. Its more accessible price allows for a higher number of infected Hepatitis C patients in a critic state to receive the treatment.