80 Años

Fiesta de los 80 años de Laboratorios Richmond


We have 80 years experience in the field of complex and high value generic pharmaceutical products.


The safety and effectiveness of our pharmaceutical products are our symbol of quality.


Our production plant and quality control and development laboratories have the most advanced technologies.

The Health Ministry acquires the first 89.600 units of Probirase

More than 60% of the 140.000 Sofosbuvir units the health ministry bought, correspond to Richmond’s product. Its more accessible price allows for a higher number of infected Hepatitis C patients in a critic state to receive the treatment.

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Financial contributions in support of national scholarship program

Laboratorios Richmond aportará fondos para una beca de estudios científicos en la UBA

As part of its 80th year anniversary celebrations, Laboratorios Richmond has decided to encourage and promote college education by donating funds to the national program “Becas de Ayuda Económica Dr. Manuel Sadosky", for students in need of financial aid at Universidad de Buenos Aires’ Faculty of Natural and Exact Sciences. 

Andes study: the possibility of treating HIV with only one pill

Estudio Andes

Richmond Labs, in coordination with Huesped Foundation, launched an innovative project that aims to analyze and study the efficacy and security of the mixture of two different drugs.

A new and innovative cardiovascular polypill arrives to Argentina


During the course of the 41st Argentine Congress of Cardiology, held through the 15th and 17th of October 2015 in La Rural, Laboratorios Richmond will be launching to the national market the first polypill ever to be produced for secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.